The PATH™ Platform
Precision medicine and Artificial intelligence Therapeutics

A proprietary AI model to integrate big ‘omics’ data from human disease samples and single-cells to discover novel druggable targets and predict precision therapeutics.

The therapeutics are refined and validated using an iterative framework with PathTM and translatable biological models to develop clinical trials optimized for efficacy and successful approval.

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AI-Powered Precision Medicine

We focus on the most challenging diseases and conditions for humanity, including oncology, aging, neurodegeneration, auto-immune, and regeneration. PathTM integrates pan-omics, single-cell, pathology, imaging, and clinical data to create a predictive model, generating hypotheses on actionable targets and therapeutics.

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Biological Model Therapeutics Validation

We integrate the PathTM platform with our team expertise in patient-derived in vitro organoids, translatable animal models, pharmacology, and biochemistry to create an iterative loop of AI modeling, functional validation, and compound refinement, to validate and optimize our in-silico derived hypotheses toward clinic study.

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