PATH BIOTECH: Precision Medicine and Drug Development

We are excited to accelerate the pace of bringing precision medicines to patients.

Working together to develop better drugs faster for patients in need.

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Investment Opportunities

We welcome in-licensing at various stages of development with a global or regional focus.

Academic Opportunities

We understand basic research is the key to success and are motivated to collaborate with academics to uncover novel opportunities.

Industrial Opportunities

We are always excited to work on challenges and adaptable to develop your value with our advanced and unique AI platform through co-development or a discovery partnership.

The PATH Advantage

  • The core advantage of PATH is rendered by our advanced and proprietary AI platform named PathTM for target discovery and drug development with high accuracy, fast turnaround, high throughput, and low cost.

  • This pipeline has been repeatedly validated by biological models on disease-modifying therapeutic targets, compounds, and biomarkers in various diseases and conditions, including cancer, coronary artery disease, human induced pluripotent stem cell, Alzheimer’s disease, and type-2-diabetes, and combinatorial therapeutics toward clinical trials.

  • We have access to human disease data and wet lab facilities for high-quality, high-efficient, and high-innovative real-world big data analysis, drug target discovery, therapeutic development, biochemistry optimization, and pre-clinical testing to maximize success in clinical trials.

  • We are a highly inter-disciplinary team. All team members are tenured faculty in academics with decades of deep research experiences and well-funded federal research grants. Our expertise range from AI/Machine Learning, biology, pharmacology and biomedicine chemistry.